American Bio Spirits (ABS) is the Franchiser and Sole Marketer of Biotech Spirits and Specialty Liquors in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Canada, Europe and South America.

Our company has developed unparalleled expertise and partnerships with suppliers and distributors across the globe who share the vision for specialty liquors. Our portfolio speaks to itself. Our products are very distinct and one of the kind in the market which are infused with several natural herbs, cane spirit and honey.
ABS is founded on the principles of specialty, quality and commitment. ABS works in partnership with domestic and foreign distributors to supply specialty liquors to retailers and distributors in New York, New Jeresy, Connecticut, Canada, South America and Europe. ABS has a unique portfolio and works strategically to provide a cost-effective and integrated sales platform with a very efficient global supply chain logistics.
Biotech Spirits and Specialty Liquors in North America Europe and South America
Organic Spirits

Our values shape the way we work together and living the values is one way of helping us achieve our vision. They provide all our global employees a common framework for guiding how we act, do business and make decisions.
Bio Beverages

Operate in a way that restores, revitalizes and regenerates ecosystems and communities, while producing specialty quality spirits for well-being of responsible consumers.
Bio Spirits USA

We believe in fostering a working environment where our employees and customers are free to express themselves. We provide a platform for creativity. Mutual success is a goal shared among ourselves and with our partners.

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